BUiLD Project Presented as a Sample Systemic Solution to World’s Wicked Problems

Nadine Sulkowski, BUiLD Project Lead and Fellow of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management participated in the introductory call for the establishment of the ISRM “Centre for the Study of Wicked Problems” (CSWP). The call was attended by international academics, practitioners and policymakers with specific interest in sustainability crisis, disaster and community resilience.

Nadine presented the BUiLD Disaster Resilience Framework as a systemic solution to building resilience through the synergic integration of institutional disaster resilience governance and of academic, extracurricular, research and knowledge transfer, community outreach and networking activities. The recording of the call can be accessed under this link.

The CSWP be will academic institution dedicated to researching, analyzing and addressing wicked problems.

The Centre will bring together researchers, scholars, policy-makers, practitioners and students from diverse fields and disciplines, such as social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, law, engineering and business, to collaborate on addressing wicked problems. Its main purposes are:

  • Conducting interdisciplinary research on wicked problems, analyzing and synthesizing existing research and disseminating research findings through publications, conferences and other media.
  • Offering workshops and training programs on wicked problems to equip students, scholars and practitioners with the knowledge, skills and tools to address these problems.
  • Fostering collaboration and partnerships among researchers, policymakers, international governmental organisations, NGOs, civil society organizations and private sector actors to develop innovative solutions to wicked problems.
  • Raising public awareness about wicked problems and their impact on society, advocating for change and promoting social justice.

The Centre is led by BUiLD Advisory Group member Professor David Rubens who is currently working with the leadership team of the newly established BUiLD Disaster Network MaTTa Bencana on establishing an ISRM Academic Chapter in Indonesia attached to MaTTa Bencana. The academically orientated CSWP provides a significant platform for students and researchers to disseminate their work either through publication or other forms of dissemination and to engage in international multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary knowledge exchange. The collaboration with the connects the BUiLD Disaster Research Network that has been created as a sub-division of Matta Bencana with an international audience and positions its expertise meaningfully on a global scale.

More information about the CSWP can be found here.