MaTTa Bencana

To facilitate the future expansion of the BUiLD framework to other institutions across Indonesia and Southeast Asia, we have created the BUiLD Disaster Resilience Network. Formally established as a National Association, the network will continue to consolidate the work of individual Centres and drive innovation and knowledge exchange in the disaster management discipline. It is led jointly by the Directors of the eight BUiLD Centres of Excellence.

The association was formally established in May 2023. The entity has been established as an “Association with Legal Status.” It has a Permanent Secretariat for the legal address and registration process and a Periodic Secretariat, which will be managed, operated, and funded by one of the founding institutions for two consecutive years.

MaTTa Bencana Indonesia focuses on pre-disaster, response (emergency), and post-disaster activities involving eight Centres of Excellence. Each CoE from the University that is part of the consortium has various resources that can support the success of disaster management.

  1. Pre-disaster includes seminars/workshops/socialization/disaster awareness training for communities in disaster-prone areas.
  2. Response (emergency) includes fundraising activities or sending joint volunteers from various universities in a consortium.
  3. Post-disaster includes rehabilitation and reconstruction support activities from universities that have the capacity (civil engineering, architecture, Industrial Engineering, Psychology, and medical) to create temporary or permanent housing after a disaster; it can also be with psychosocial support from universities that are members of MaTTa Bencana Indonesia, which has a Psychology program.

MaTTa Bencana Indonesia has 4 (four) areas of activity, including formal and professional education, research and community service, fundraising and partnership development that are continuing to consolidate and develop the activities of individual centres.

The association is working with associated project partner, the Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Centre (MDMC). Operating nationally as well as internationally, MDMC, also known as the Disaster Resilience Agency (LRB), is involved in disaster management activities in accordance with the defined activities of disaster management, including mitigation and preparedness, emergency response, and rehabilitation.

MDMC adopts humanitarian volunteer codes and international humanitarian charters, develops a mission of disaster risk reduction aligned with the Hyogo Framework for Action, and establishes preparedness bases at the community, school, and hospital levels.

The association has also articulated a Memorandum of Understanding with associated project partner Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM) to advance the establishment of an ISRM Academic Chapter as an international networking platform for multistakeholder and multidisciplinary dialogue in the disaster management discipline through the association. This adds an international networking and dissemination platform to MaTTa Bencana that can utilised for several purposes.

Aside from providing access to a large international network of practitioners, the ISRM has recently launched the Centre for the Study of Wicked Problems (CSWP) which adds a division specifically aimed at academic collaborations and the dissemination of academic outputs.

As associated members of MaTTa Bencana, EU partners remain committed to supporting future activities of individual centres and of the national association in an advisory capacity.

Future Projects

Selected future projects of MaTTa Bencana include the following:

Annual disaster awareness and training exercises in commemoration of Indonesia’s National Disaster Prevention Day (23rd April).

Strategic collaboration with KEDAIREKA, a programme initiated by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia. This is a collaborative programme platform between higher institutions with the World Business Industry aimed at the developing vocational programmes aimed at workers in various fields of production and services, government agencies, or independent entrepreneurs.

Disaster curriculum development through the Kampus Merdeka (Emancipated Learning) policy in the form of humanitarian projects, community service, and student exchanges as a form of participation in disaster mitigation activities, participation in handling social problems such as poverty, moral degradation, and the erosion of traditional culture that occur in the community, and participation in disaster management and rehabilitation activities with national and international partners.

Formulation of collaborative disaster mitigation, response and recovery initiatives with BNPB (National Disaster Mitigation Board) and BPBD (Regional Disaster Management Agency) which gives MaTTa Bencana a significant role in future policy regulations related to disasters.

Formulation of collaborative disaster mitigation, response and recovery SAR (Search and Rescue), PMI (Indonesian Red Cross), and MDMC (Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center).

The organisation of annual multidisciplinary and multistakeholder research colloquia .

Launch of a scientific peer-reviewed journal.

To find out more about the activities of the association, visit the MaTTa Bencana website.