BUiLD Project announced as winner of the ISRM Partnership of the Year 2022 Award

This post was updated on 13th July 2023

“In a world where risk reduction and disaster management is becomingly increasingly urgent, the BUiLD programme offers an immediate framework that makes a real difference to the world we live in”

Dr David Rubens, Executive Director of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM)

The BUiLD Consortium is proud and delighted to have been named as the the Winner of the ISRM Partnership of the Year 2022 Award.

Since July 2021, the BUiLD Consortium is working strategically with the ISRM on advancing the dialogue around capacity building in disaster resilience, disaster education and education and multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary engagement. Our partnership is significantly leveraging the regional and global reach of the BUiLD project across different sectors.

Here are examples of some of our collaborative activities:

June 2021

Formation of Strategic Partnership between the BUiLD Project Consortium and the ISRM

Appointment of Dr David Rubens to Project Advisory Group

July 2021

ISRM Global Resilience Roundtable

November 2021

BUiLD Project Lead Nadine Sulkowski and Steering Group Member Wiryono Raharjo invited to become Visiting Fellows of the ISRM

ISRM Global Urban Resilience Conference

December 2022

BUiLD Project announced as winner of the ISRM Annual Partnership of the Year 2022 Award

February 2022

Launch of first worldwide ISRM University Chapter at Project Lead Institution University of Gloucestershire

May 2023

Strategic partnership workshop delivered by ISRM Executive Director and ISRM Indonesia Chapter Chair at final project conference

Presentation of BUiLD Project as an example of a systemic solution at the launch of the ISRM Centre for the Study of Wicked Problems

Articulation of Memorandum of Understanding between the ISRM and the BUiLD Disaster Resilience Network MaTTA Bencana