The BUiLD Consortium Forms Partnership with the Institute of Strategic Risk Management

Following the appointment of Dr David Rubens to the Advisory Group, the BUiLD Consortium is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with the Institute for Strategic Risk Management (ISRM).

The Institute of Strategic Risk Management has been established in order to create a global centre where practitioners, academics and policy makers can come together to share information, help progress and promote the underlying understanding and capabilities associated with strategic risk and crisis management, and develop their own personal and professional networks. The President of the ISRM is Lord Toby Harris who is the Chair of the United Kingdom’s National Preparedness Commission.

Since 2018, the ISRM operates chapters for networking and training events around the globe and has launched an Indonesian chapter in August 2020. Through it training platform Deltar Training Solutions, the ISRM delivers a range of Ofqual accredited Level 4, 5, 6 and 7 awards and provides a multiplicity of bespoke training solutions including, for example, virtual crisis simulations. The ISRM offers membership and accreditation opportunities for practitioners, academics and students.

As Executive Director, David met the Steering Group in June. The Consortium will be working with the ISRM on curriculum development and global dissemination and exploitation activities.