Enhancing Disaster Resilience Education

The BUiLD Best Practice Model for Higher Education Institutional Disaster Resilience Governance requires local Centres to articulate a curriculum development strategy for embedding disaster resilience education into higher education curricula.

The consortium has devised a sample curriculum in disaster management covering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The curriculum has been developed based on the international body of knowledge in the subject discipline. It further consolidates the collective teaching and research expertise of Indonesian consortium partner to ensure relevance to the national context.

The accompanying curriculum audit document enables higher education institutions to map existing or new programmes against the sample curriculum to establish the extent and clustering of coverage. Based on a progressive set of learning outcomes, the sample curriculum assists in decisions related to the staging of content.

The curriculum is supplemented with a 4-day disaster management simulation exercise designed for teaching and disaster response training. The simulation exercise, which has been specifically developed to complement the BUiLD framework, is based on the 2009 earthquake in Padang and informed by comprehensive research offering insights into the experiences of local stakeholders.

The framework includes a programme of a six disaster resilience days (3×2 days), whereby institutions may either deliver this programme as part of the formal curriculum or as extracurricular activity. Topics covered include disaster first aid response, disaster responder training on campus, and disaster responder training within communities. Completing the full training qualifies staff and students to act as volunteers for purposes of disaster mitigation, response and recovery, whereby institutions are required to demonstrate appropriate safeguarding and support mechanism.

In support of this cluster of activities, the framework requires local Centres to articulate an internal and external partnership development strategy to establish opportunities for research informed teaching and learning, and for the provision of internships and graduate opportunities.

Key Indicators

To date 59 programmes have been updated using the BUiLD curriculum audit tool with 4,924 students impacted.

4 programmes have been created with 160 students impacted.

217 students have participated in the BUiLD VR earthquake simulation training.

436 students have participated in other disaster resilience related training 96 students have been trained as volunteers.

110 internship opportunities across 28 internship partners and 116 volunteering opportunities across 5 partners have been created.

Last updated 02/08/2023