Regional and International Collaboration

The BUiLD Disaster Network, established as national association MaTTa Bencana has a designated partnership division responsible for developing strategic partnerships that can support collaborative activities of the formal and professional education division, research and community service division and fundraising division.

Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Centre MDMC

The association is working with associated project partner, the Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Centre (MDMC). Operating nationally as well as internationally, MDMC, also known as the Disaster Resilience Agency (LRB), is involved in disaster management activities in accordance with the defined activities of disaster management, including mitigation and preparedness, emergency response, and rehabilitation. MDMC adopts humanitarian volunteer codes and international humanitarian charters, develops a mission of disaster risk reduction aligned with the Hyogo Framework for Action, and establishes preparedness bases at the community, school, and hospital levels.

Institute of Strategic Risk Management

The association has also articulated a Memorandum of Understanding with associated project partner Institute of Strategic Risk Management ISRM to advance the establishment of an ISRM Academic Chapter as an international networking platform for multi-stakeholder and multidisciplinary dialogue in the disaster management discipline through the association.

The ISRM adds an international networking and dissemination platform to MaTTa Bencana that can utilised for several purposes. Aside from providing access to a large international network of practitioners, the ISRM has recently launched the Centre for the Study of Wicked Problems (CSWP) which adds a division specifically aimed at academic collaborations and the dissemination of academic outputs.

The ISRM Indonesia Chapter is led by Hill & Associates, a global company delivering training solutions to hundreds of large corporations. Possible collaboration opportunities exist in relation to the development of joint training and corporate accreditation schemes.

Plan Hong Kong

At local level, BUiLD Centres of Excellence are deloping their own regional cooperation activities. For example, Plan Indonesia, a non-profit organization focusing on fulfilling children’s and young people’s rights, very recently invited the centre at Universitas Ahmad Dahlan to collaborate in supporting their safe school model programme. Since then, UAD has been appointed by the Yogyakarta governor as an enabler in the accelerated and continues expansion of this programme across Yogyakarta. This was followed by a visit by the National Disaster Mitigation Board BNPB, Plan Indonesia and Plan Hong Kong to the UAD BUiLD Centre of Excellence where visitors trialled the BUiLD Virtual training solution.

Society for the Promotion of Area Resources (SPARS), Mumbai

The BUiLD Centre of Excellence at Universitas Islam Indonesia is proactively developing a partnership with the Mumbai based Society for the Promotion of Area Resources (SPARS), one of the larger NGOs in Indonesia specialising in building community resilience within slums. In recognition of their former work with local slums, Steering Group Wiryono Raharjo member has been appointed as Visiting Fellow by project partner ISRM to lead on the regional multistakeholder dialogue on community resilience.