Local BUiLD Centres of Excellence are seeking to support disaster resilience capacity building amongst several society groups through their community outreach activities, the training and deployment of volunteers, disaster awareness training, knowledge transfer activities, support for disaster response and recovery, and fundraising.

Each centre has a fundraising mechanism that can be activated as required to support disaster mitigation, response or recovery activites.

Nationally, the BUiLD Disaster Resilience Network MaTTa Bencana has a fundraising division to support to initiatives of individual centres and to initiate national as well as international fundraising campaigns.

To find out more about previous and current fundraising campaigns, visit the fundraising pages of the BUiLD Disaster Resilience Portal MaTTa Bencana.

Key Indicators

Collectively, fifteen fundraising campaigns were initiated since 2020 to support communities affected by local disasters and the Covid-19 pandemic, whereby collective funds raised so far amount to €10,850. Campaigns were in support of:

  • Those affected by Covid-19 (2020)
  • Flood in Bekasi (2021)
  • Flood in Ternate (2021)
  • Mount Semeru Eruption (2021)
  • Flood in North Halmahera (2021)
  • West Sulawesi Earthquake (2021)
  • Flood in South Kalimantan (2022)
  • Sulbar Earthquake (2022)
  • Cijanjur Earthquake (2023)

Additionally, an international fundraising campaign was launched through MaTTa Bencana to support victims of the earthquake in Turkey in February 2023.

Last updated 02/08/2023