Universitas Khairun, Ternate

Universitas Khairun (Unkhair) in Ternate, North Maluku, became a state university in 2004. The university runs eights Faculties, employs 588 lecturers and has over 15,000 students across its undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

In providing education services, Unkhair is working in partnership with local, national and international partner organisations, the private sector and local and national government. Its diverse collaborations involve education, research and community service.

Unkhair operate a Disaster Study Centre (Pusat Studi Bencana – PSB) that is involved in joint activities with the National Higher Education Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction, the National Disaster Experts Association, the Indonesian Oceanographer Association, the Indonesian Geologist Association, the National Geography Forum, and the Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund and several International NGOs. Every six months, the centre delivers a routine programme on disaster mitigation education to students and local communities.