BUiLD Curriculum Development Lead visits Mayor of Padang

Padang, Mayor Hendri Septa welcomed Sanne Lehmann who is a BUiLD consortium member and the project’s curriculum development lead from University College Copenhagen (Denmark). Sanne was accompanied by Ida Harder Nielsen, Associate Professor at UCC.

The purpose of the visit to Padang was in order to conduct a ‘site visit’ and to hold a joint discussion with the Padang City Government and Andalas University (Unand) as part of the BUiLD project.

Sanne also wanted to gain insights into the disaster response by the Padang City Government and other relevant stakeholders after the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that hit Padang City on September 30, 2009.

“Alhamdulillah, today we are very happy to be visited by one of the consortium members and the team from Unand” ” said the Mayor during a joint discussion held at the Padang City Hall Office, on Tuesday 2nd May.

Wako Hendri said that Sanne provided various valuable inputs, especially related to post-earthquake handling and recovery procedures carried out in Denmark.

“The information presented by Sanne helps us to become better at handling earthquake disasters both before and after they occur. “added Wako Padang.

Also present were, Secretary Andree Algamar, Acting Head of the Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency and a number of colleagues. The team from Universitas Andalas included Prof. Bambang Istijono (Head of the Center of Excellence Disaster Management), Vonny Indah Mutiara, PhD (BUiLD Steering Group member and Head of the Unand International Service Office) and Benny Hidayat, PhD, Lecturer at the Faculty of Civil Engineering who is also a Member of the BUiLD Eramus+ Unand project team.

The insights gained during this visit will be utilised to develop a 4-day disaster management simulation exercise to supplement the disaster management curriculum and extracurricular disaster prevention days programme developed by UCC.

Sanne Lehmann and Ida Harder Nielsen (University College Copenhagen) discussing institutional disaster response training needs with Oktomi Wijaya (BUiLD Centre of Excellence in Disaster Resilience, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan)

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