University of Gloucestershire welcomes BUiLD Project Consortium whilst P.Porto provides a preview of the VR training environment

Between the 27th and and 29th of June, the University of Gloucestershire welcomed the BUiLD Project Consortium with some attending in the UK and others connecting from a parallel meeting hosted by Universitas Islam Indonesia.

Part of the agenda focused on developing the final institutional action plans for integrating the different streams of disaster resilience activities pursued by individual institutions and on formalising institutional governance structures. Michael Fuller MBE delivered a workshop to assist institutions in the process, presenting part of the final audit documents to be completed by partners.

Antonio Marques and Viviana Meirinhos from European project partner P.Porto presented the first version of the virtual reality training environment, including an educational video. Participants present in Cheltenham were also able to trial the virtual reality environment and familiarise themselves further with the use of the equipment.

Joining virtually, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan and Universitas Islam Indonesia, presented their development plan for the creation of the BUiLD Disaster Resilience Network. The network will be formally established as a national association and will be jointly managed by the Directors of individual Growth Hubs.

The association will pursue four main streams of activity, including fundraising, formal and professional education, research and community service and partnerships and networking. Advisory Group member Dr David Rubens, Executive Director of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management joined the discussions to explore future collaboration opportunities between the association and the ISRM Indonesia Chapter.

The following appointments have been made to formalise the structure for the future association.

ChairDr Dwi HandayaniUniversitas Islam Indonesia
Vice ChairDholina Inang PambudiUniversitas Ahmad Dahlan
SecretaryDr Sidharta AdyatmaUniversitas Lambung Mangkurat
TreasurerDr Yunita IsmailPresident University
Fundraising LeadMohammad Ridwan LessyUniversitas Khairun
Research and Community Service LeadDr Benny HidayatUniversitas Andalas
Formal and Professional Education Lead Sudirman SKMUniversitas Muhammadiyah Palu
Partnership and Networking Division LeadAdi Prasetyo TedjakusumaUniversitas Surabaya