Universitas Muhammadiyah Palu welcomes BUiLD Project Consortium

Universitas Muhammadiyah Palu welcomed the BUiLD Project Consortium on the 25th and 26th August.

Following on from the preview of the virtual reality training environment, one of the main agenda items was to deliver virtual reality training to all Indonesian partners. Antonio Marques from European project partner P.Porto delivered a workshop during which all Indonesian partners were able to trial the headsets and familiarise themselves with the guidelines for workship delivery.

The second main agenda item was to develop strategies for curriculum development. Sanne Lehmann and Ann Bojsen from University College Copenhagen delivered a workshop to assist partners in articulating their institutional action plans for embedding parts of the BUiLD curriculum into their existing provision and facilitated a debate on integrating research, internships and volunteering opportunities.

The curriculum has been developed based on the international body of knowledge in the subject discipline. Coordinated by Professor Neil Towers (University of Gloucestershire), it further consolidates the collective teaching and research expertise of Indonesian consortium partners to ensure relevance to the national context.

Colleagues from UCC also presented their programme of disaster prevention days. It was agreed that institutions may either deliver this programme as part of the formal curriculum or as extracurricular activity. Topics covered include disaster first aid response, disaster responder training on campus, and disaster responder training within communities. Completing the full training qualifies staff and students to act as volunteers for purposes of disaster mitigation, response and recovery, whereby institutions will be required to demonstrate appropriate safeguarding and support mechanisms.

Quality Lead Paul Schober (Hafelekar, Austria) coordinated a workshop in which he requested partners to complete a pre-final evaluation of their local BUiLD Centres of Excellence by populating a pre-designed template.