Disaster Awareness Training

We are developing and will deliver a disaster awareness and resilience campaign and associated training methodology for universities to use in diverse settings. This campaign is aimed at staff, students and associated stakeholders, i.e. those receiving business or community support from partner universities in Indonesia.

The first stage involves the development of a needs assessment tool on disaster awareness for the three target groups which will inform the development of other deliverables under this work stream. Those include the development of guidelines for workshops on disaster awareness delivered to the three main target groups, the development of training materials and the procurement of portable virtual reality (VR) equipment.

The development of the disaster awareness campaign is led by Institute Polytechnic Porto, Portugal, who are designing training materials and workshop guidelines and train staff at Indonesian partner universities on the use of those materials and specialist equipment.

Delivery of disaster awareness training to the target groups will be through staff at Indonesian partner universities with procurement overseen by President University, Jakarta. Training will be designed in collaboration with external stakeholders, such as associated partners drawn from government agencies, emergency services and local communities.

Progress of activities

Disaster awareness needs analyis through focus groupscompleted
Delivery of evaluation reportcompleted
Procurement of VR equipmentcompleted
Development of workshop structure, design of training materials and VR tool developmentcompleted
Delivery of training workshop to partners in Indonesiacompleted
Design of disaster awareness campaigncompleted
Completion of VR toolscompleted
Delivery of disaster awareness campaigns and associated workshopscompleted