The Project Steering Group

Terms of Reference

The Steering Group brings together senior representatives from all consortium partners. Jointly, Steering Group Members are responsible for:

  • Project oversight and strategic decisions that affect delivery
  • Approval of KPI specifications
  • Assessment of progress against targets, and achievement of objectives and outputs
  • Approval of products according to established KPIs
  • Initiation and monitoring of corrective actions as required

Meetings take place quarterly or as required.

BUiLD Steering Group Members

Nadine Sulkowski, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK

Nadine Sulkowski is leading the BUiLD project. In her role as the International Development Lead for the University of Gloucestershire School of Business and Technology she has a wealth and over a decade of experience in developing and managing international collaborations worldwide. Her particular expertise lies in destination management and resilience, strategic tourism management, university management and network development. More recently, Nadine was part of the project management team overseeing the Erasmus+ funded project “Growing Indonesia – a Triangular Approach” building entrepreneurial capacity across Indonesia, where she supported the creation of a national entrepreneurship association bringing together the public, private and third sector across Indonesia. Nadine Sulkowski can be contacted on

Dr Adhi Setyo Santoso, President University (PRU), Jakarta, Indonesia

Adhi Setyo Santoso is Assistant Professor at President University and the Director of the University’s Incubator SetSail BizAccell. Adhi researches and teaches in Strategic Management, Open Innovation, Strategic Entrepreneurship, Electronic Engineering, Communication Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering. Their most recent publication is ‘Maximizing strategic alliances in the multi-sided platform firms He was Selected as the Nation Most Outstanding Lecturer in 2019. Adhi was also a Steering Group Member of BUiLDs’s associated Erasmus+ funded Capacity Building Project “Growing Indonesia – a Triangular Approach”(GITA). Adhi Santoso can be contacted on

Ida Puspita, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD), Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Ida Puspita, M.A., Res is the Head of the Office for International Affairs at Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. She has extensive expertise in developing and managing a large network of international collaborations. Her areas of activity include funded projects, credit transfer, student mobility, joint curriculum development and innovative teaching pedagogies, and she has delivered several workshops and keynote speeches in these areas. Ida was also a Steering Group Member of BUiLDs’s associated Erasmus+ funded Capacity Building Project “Growing Indonesia – a Triangular Approach”(GITA). Ida Puspita can be contacted on

Ir. Wiryono Raharjo, Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII), Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Dr Wiryono Raharjo is the Vice Rector for Partnerships and Entrepreneurship at Universitas Islam Indonesia and has extensive expertise in developing and managing a large and diverse network of international academic collaborations. He is an accomplished architect and academic in architecture, where his specific expertise is Participatory Design, including community-based architectural design. Wiryono is also a Steering Group Member of BUiLDs’s associated Erasmus+ funded Capacity Building Project “Growing Indonesia – a Triangular Approach”(GITA) . Wiryono Raharjo can be contacted on

Roswita M Aboe, Universitas Khairun (UNK), Ternate, Indonesia

Roswita M. Aboe has been involved in international Office Affairs since 2011. Her work covered the International Cooperation between Unkhair and International Institutions. She is now the Head Office of the International Affairs as she hold Master Degree in International Relations, she works well and communicate intensively with foreign partner institutions. Roswita has previous work with Non Government Organisation (Medecins du Monde- MDM France) and Project from United Nations Development Program (UNDP NMMRP) North Maluku and Maluku Recovery Programme during the post-conflict (1999) of North Maluku since 2001 to 2005. She works with a visiting professor from Italy (in a collaboration between Inner Beira University Portugal and SITT Spain) to wrote a book with the title “ E-Health Law Issues” (Isu Hukum Kesehatan Elektronik) published in 2019.

Dr Arief Budiman, Universitas Lambung Mangkurat (ULM), Banjarmasin, Indonesia

Arief Budiman is the Director of International Office at Universitas Lambung Mangkurat. He is also a lecturer at Faculty Economics and Business, where his background is in Management. You can contact Arief Budiman on

Dr. Sri Jumiyati, Universitas Muhammmadiyah Palu (MHP), Palu, Indonesia

Dr Sri Jumiyati is Vice of Chief at Universitas Muhammadiyah Palu. She has expertise in the field of socio-economic agriculture and agribusiness, especially in the field of entrepreneurship and agricultural business in the SME scale. She also focuses on the field of socio-economic and environmental aspects of forestry and is interested in the existence of farming and adaptation and mitigation by farmers in the face of global climate change. Some of her publications are as follows include the titles “Sustainable Land Management and Added Value Enhancement of Agriculural Superior Commodities”, ” Cocoa Based Agroforestry: An Economic Perspective in Resource Scarcity Conflict Era” and “Strategy of Agrarian–Forestry Crisis Management: Participation, Collaboration and Conflict.” Sri Jumiyati can be contacted on

Sanne Lehmann, University College Copenhagen (UCC), Copenhagen, Denmark

Sanne Lehmann holds a Master in Economic Geography, a PhD in International Development Studies and is currently employed as Senior Lecturer, teacher and researcher at the programme of emergency and risk management. Sanne has carried out two research projects in the context of East Asia. Her PhD project at International Development Studies concerned how industrial networks mediated the nature and amount of knowledge transfer between global and local actors in Thailand. Based at the Centre of Business and Development Studies, Institute for International Communication and Management, her Post Doc project aimed at analyzing the impact of policies and institutions on industrial restructuring towards a more knowledge intensive economy in Thailand and Malaysia. Currently, Sanne is working on a research project investigating the dynamic processes of network and partnership building between corporations and NGOs regarding emergency preparedness and management. Sanne has the last couple of years developed excellence in action research methodology. The various research activities have provided Sanne with knowledge and relevant skills in areas such as network structures and dynamics, relationship building between various stakeholders, interdisciplinary partnerships, institutional support, emergency management and participatory methods. Sanne Lehmann can be contacted on

Professor Antonio Marques, Institute Polytechnic Porto (IPP), Porto, Portugal

Professor Antonio Marques holds a Ph.D. in Psychology. He held several HEI managing positions in the last eight years, including Vice President of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, President of the Scientific Council and Ethical Commission, and Vice President of the School of Health (ESS-P.PORTO). Currently he’s Director of the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Lab (LabRP) in the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Porto / Health School, Polytechnic of Porto. He is also co-coordinator of the Porto Interactive Neuroscience Group, of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Research Group of the São João Hospital, Porto Metropolitan Network of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Institutions and Porto Metropolitan Crisis and Catastrophes Entities Platform. He is also member of the directive board of P.PORTO Virtual and Augmented Reality Competencies Center. His main research areas are Recovery and Social Innovation, Psychosocial Interventions in Catastrophes and Trauma, and Virtual and Augmented Reality and Health, being responsible for several postgraduate courses, I&D projects, master and Ph.D. theses in these fields. Professor Marques can be contacted on

Vonny Indah Mutiara, Universitas Andalas (AND), Padang, Indonesia

Vonny Mutiara is the Head of the International Office at Universitas Andalas. She graduated with a PhD degree from Gifu University majoring in social-economic analysis especially related to sustainable agriculture development. She previously worked as the  university coordinator secretary for the Collaborative Knowledge Network (CKNet) funded by NUFFIC (2004 -200), as the financial manager for the Asia-Link project at Andalas University in collaboration with Brighton University (U.K.) She was also involved with the Institute of Social Studies (Netherland) in a capacity building project on gender and natural resources management (2006-2008). Vonny Mutiara can be contacted on

Professor Joniarto Parung, Universitas Surabaya (UBA) Surabaya, Indonesia

Professor Joniarto Parung completed his PhD from the University of Stratchlyde in Scotland and recently served as the Ubaya Rector and Professor in the Supply Chain Management at the Industrial Engineering department. He has published some of his research in reputable journals and has delivered his research papers at conferences in Europe, ASEAN, India, China, and around Indonesia.  Together with with Dr Amelia Santoso and Ms. Dina Prayogo, Professor Parung received several grants from the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education on regulating the distribution and transportation of subsidized LPG, disaster supply chain focused on volcano eruption, and logistics system of perishable products. This achievement also allowed them to be appointed as the expert team in the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia. He contributes to the enhancement of Indonesian universities by being a National Accreditation Assessor. He speaks at various universities on Supply Chain, Lean Thinking and Performance Measurement. Professor Parung can be contacted on

Dr Paul Schober, Hafelekar (HAF), Innsbruck, Austria

Dr. Paul Schober runs Independent Consulting firm Hafelekar Unternehmensberatung Schober (HUS) GmbH, Austria, who specialise in appropriate methods for the evaluation of project implementation and sustainability. HUS has worked as a project partner in more than twenty European projects and has long-term experience of carrying out the role of internal and external evaluator for EU projects. You can contact Paul Schober on