Curriculum Development

We are developing curriculum benchmarks to enhance disaster resilience education across Indonesia.

Aligned with Indonesia’s National Qualifications Framework, benchmarks will be developed for Levels 4, 5, 6 (undergraduate) and 7 (postgraduate provision) and there will be two sets of curriculum benchmarks. The first set of benchmarks will address standard learning outcomes for courses in the field of disaster management and the second set of benchmarks will address the embedding of disaster resilience education more widely into higher education curricula.

In addition, we will recommended extra-curricular disaster resilience related activities that students may engage in for personal and career development purposes.

Based on a specifically designed curriculum audit tool, Indonesian partner universities will develop institutional action plans for embedding disaster resilience education into curricula and for the introduction of new academic programmes in disaster management. This will initially take place in form a pilot using a limited number of programmes as test cases for implementation, whereby each university will articulate a strategy for the wider adoption of the benchmarks across its academic provision. Future curriculum development activities and programme delivery will take place in close cooperation with the BUiLD Centres of Excellence in Disaster Resilience situated within each Indonesian partner university.

The design of curriculum benchmarks and their embedding into university curricula is overseen by University College Copenhagen, Denmark.

Progress of activities

Initial survey of disaster resilience education within partner universities in Indonesiacompleted
Development of draft disaster resilience curriculum benchmarkscompleted
Internal and external consultationcompleted
Development of curriculum audit toolcompleted
Delivery of training workshop on the use of the audit tool and action planningcompleted
Completion of institutional curriculum audits and development of short- and long-term action planscompleted
Embedding of disaster resilience curriculum benchmarks across a selected number of academic programmes within each Indonesian partner universitycompleted
Endorsement of disaster resilience curriculum benchmarks by relevant Ministry and availability for dissemination through the BUiLD Disaster Resilience Networkongoing