The BUiLD Consortium Joins Global Think Tank

The BUiLD Consortium is delighted to join a global multi-agency Think Tank to inform future discussions on resilience planning and policy-making. The formation of the Think Tank has been initiated by the Institute for Strategic Risk Management (ISRM), an s associate partner to the BUiLD consortium.

The first public roundtable discussion took place on the 29th July and explore. the topic of Urban Resilience. It was joined by Lord Toby Harris, Chair of the United Kingdom’s National Preparedness Commission; Xavier Castellanos, Under-Secretary General of the IFCRC and Lead of the Urban Resilience and Strategy 2030 Programme, Marqueza Cathalina Lepana Reyes, Academic Programme Director at the Asian Institute for Management in the Philippines, and BUiLD Project Lead Nadine Sulkowski.

A summary of the discussions can be downloaded here:

For anyone trying to model a post-Covid understanding of the risk environment we are going to be operating in 2021-25, it is clear that ‘The future is now’. The range of risks and threats have already transcended anything we would have been planning for 2015-2020 – and that trend is only going to increase. If the buzz word for 2001-2010 was ‘crisis’. and the buzzword from 2011-2017 was ‘resilience’, the word that is now at the centre of our risk modelling is ‘unprecedented’.

Dr David Rubens, Executive Director ISRM