University of Gloucestershire hosts 9th BUiLD Consortium Meeting

The University of Gloucestershire hosted the 9th Consortium meeting in Cheltenham and Gloucester between the 27th and 30th November. The meeting commenced with a networking dinner at Cheltenham’s prestigious Queens Hotel on Sunday.

The agenda on Monday morning asked Indonesian partners to present their action plans for the synergistic integration of curriculum development activities, disaster awareness training, institutional disaster response capability, community service, fundraising and network development.

This was followed by a workshop on the development of key performance indicators for monitoring the current and future success of individual BUiLD Centres of Excellence in Disaster Resilience. Discussions in the afternoon focused on the establishment of the BUiLD Disaster Resilience Network and initial development priorities. Jointly managed by the Directors of the BUiLD Centres of Excellence, the network will facilitate the future expansion of the BUiLD Disaster Resilience Framework across Indonesia. It’s main activities include initiatives related to formal and professional education in disaster resilience, research and community service, fundraising and partnership development. The network will formally take up its operation as a national association under the name MaTTA Bencana in 2023.

In the evening, the Rectors of Indonesian consortium partners or their representatives formally signed a Memorandum of Understanding as a first step towards establishing the BUiLD Disaster Resilience Network. The VIP event, which took place at the University of Gloucestershire was attended by the representatives of the BUiLD Consortium and the University’s Executive Team. Education Attaché Dr Khairul Munadi joined the event following a project briefing led by the UoG’s Vice Chancellor.

The BUiLD Steering Group with UoG VIce Chancellor Stephen Marston and Indonesian Education Attache Khairul Munadi

Led by Sanne Lehmann from University College Copenhagen, discussions on the second day concentrated on confirming the final institutional action plans for curriculum development. As part of this, Sanne Lehmann and project lead Nadine Sulkowski delivered a sharing session on the use of simulations in disaster management education. In the afternoon, the Consortium discussed plans for the end of project conference planned for May 2023.

The meeting concluded with a community engagement showcase at the Gloucestershire Business School on Wednesday morning, where staff and students could learn more about how partners assist communities in building their disaster resilience.