BUiLD Project Lead gives Presentation to Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia

On the 26th April, BUiLD Project Lead Nadine Sulkowski gave a pre-recorded presentation to the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. The event was coordinated by the BUiLD Centre of Excellence in Disaster Resilience and Universitas Ahmad Dahlan.

In her presentation, she spoke about the BUiLD Project and how Covid-19 has led universities to rethink their role in society. The presentation also reflected on the long-standing partnership between the University of Gloucestershire and Universitas Ahmad Dahlan and its centrality to the conceptualisation and realisation of the BUiLD project.

The presentation was delivered within the context of Indonesia’s “Emancipated Learning Programme”. Kampus Merdeka is a programme from the Ministry of Education and Culture aiming to allow students the opportunity to master practical knowledge and acquire useful skills for their future careers.

Under this policy, students may take 20 credits for a minimum of one semester outside their normal study programme to engage in any of eight specified themes. One of these themes entitled “humanity project” enables students to study aspects of disaster resilience or engage in volunteering. Kampus Merdeka will inform the curriculum development activities of the BUiLD project.